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Supernova Stars is “An ethereal, sleek, polished, dreamy type of sound that could be described as a combination of Sigur Rós, Coldplay and Travis”.

Alex Henderson – Music Critic (Billboard, Spin, CD Reviews)

AaronIsles_PromoPhoto_SupernovaStars_Album Cover

Aaron Isles – Supernova Stars


  Aaron Isles is an Austin, Texas based multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter that was born with an obsession for music.  His 30 year long search for the perfect sound has taken him from the streets of San Francisco to the beaches of Bali. He has intensely studied every genre of music from Classical and Jazz to Alternative Rock and Pop along the way. His wide variety of talents and experiences were all put to good use on his first solo Alt. Rock album, Supernova Stars, which was recently digitally released in October 2012.

In the last year Aaron Isles has finished his first solo studio album and the Aaron Isles Youtube channel has received over 300,000 hits in only 6 months! Some of his music and Youtube Videos have already been picked up by mtvhive.com and wired.com! The online buzz is gaining serious momentum for his music.

In 2011 Aaron Isles had a spiritual experience while looking out onto the emerald waters of Thailand. It was then that he decided to pursue his musical dreams full time. He quit his job and spent a full year in his studio painstakingly crafting every song and sound of the Supernova Stars Alt. Rock album. This album brings together the soul of Paul Simon, Catchiness of Coldplay, passion of The Fray and Soundscapes of Sigur Ros into one amazing musical experience. It was later mixed by the brilliant Clif Norrell who recently had big success with Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball” (Which hit #1 on Billboard) and Gavin DeGraw.

Aaron Isles really shows his knowledge of pop music with standout singles like Breathe, Unwritten and Supernova Stars on his upcoming Supernova Stars Album. These songs instantly feel familiar with their memorable melodies and catchy hooks. Other songs like Lost In Space have an incredible build up to an ending so impactful it will literally give you chills!  The diversity of sounds and styles on the album keep each song fresh and unique unlike most albums of today. It is easy to hear the years of  love, loss, and soul searching pouring out from his artistic voice.

Keep an eye out and your ears open for more from this artist who is sure to take his career far with his wide variety of musical talents!



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