Supernova Stars is in progress and will come out the Summer of 2012. The entire process of making the record will be documented here on It’s hard to find detailed notes on how artists achieved their sound so Aaron has decided to give every bit of information out to help anyone make their own dreams of making an album come true.

The very talented Clif Norrell, who has worked with such notable acts as REM, Jeff Buckey, and Gavin DeGraw, was chosen as the mixing engineer for Supernova Stars.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY I will be releasing all the songs from my upcoming Supernova Stars album one by one for FREE! If you like the music please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Soundcloud and share the track with as many friends as you can! Let’s help prove that independent musicians can make it without a label TOGETHER 🙂

Come back soon for free music downloads and to learn more about the process of creating the Supernova Stars album!

-Aaron Isles

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Feb 16
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