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Arturia Released The MiniMoog V Classic Synth!! FREE TODAY ONLY June 21st 2012! Torrent Links here.

Arturia has generously decided to release the MiniMoog V for FREE ONLY FOR TODAY, June 21st, 2012! Make sure you get this deal and sign up ASAP!

I uploaded the legal torrent links here. Their website was slow from all the traffic, so I thought I’d upload a zip of the torrent files here 🙂


UPDATE: They’ve removed the activation link from their website. You have to use their Facebook page link now.

Sign up on their Facebook Page. You should receive your activation code in 48 hours so by liking it and following instructions you should be guaranteed an activation code at some point 🙂


Download the torrent with the link they provide OR use the torrent link below if their site is too slow from all the people downloading it!

MiniMoog V torrents for MAC and PC – Alternate Links!



These are the same as the Arturia Torrents and completely legal! It’s simply a way for people to get the torrents if their servers get bogged down 🙂

You’ll still need to go to the FB page TODAY to get the activation codes for these downloads. The website used to have a link, but it’s been removed… Here is the old link in case they bring it back, but I doubt they will. Arturia website.

Then download the torrent links they provide OR use the ones here if their servers are too bogged down. It took me 45 minutes to get the torrent files midnight last night and I’m sure today will be worse.

I hope this helps some of you out when their servers are being hit hard today!

THREE CHEERS to Arturia for this fantastic free synth 🙂


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Jun 21


  • Shay Says:

    Thanks the linking seems to be working lets see what happens. Greetings from India


  • coolic Says:

    hey thank you!

  • Omar Torres Says:

    Aaron, thanks a lot! I tried to download the files from Arturia’s web site for about 3 hours without success.

  • Phos.... Says:

    Thanks very much for the torrent links. Took less than 1 minute to D/L. Still, there’s no getting to the activation process on Arturia’s site. How could they have NOT anticipated this?

  • admin Says:

    Glad it helped you out! Hopefully the arturia site gets faster later today for activation codes.

  • andy lindsay Says:

    Thanks for the torrent, from all those who don’t do Facebook.

  • admin Says:

    No problem at all. Figured people would need it when the Arturia servers were taking 45 minutes to download the torrent at midnight last night 🙂

  • qb Says:

    Looks that they disabled the activation code by homepage 🙁

    As our server is overloaded please go to Arturia Facebook page to request your Free Instrument

    :- (((

  • admin Says:

    Thanks for the update. Well, looks like Facebook is the only option folks. I’ll edit this post to reflect this!

  • Greg Says:

    Thanks for those links. I got my email this morning, but the torrent for the Mac version just wouldn’t work. Your link does, and now I’m all set up.

  • admin Says:

    Hey Greg,

    Glad it Worked for you. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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