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Old Spice Muscle Music – Slow Chill Dub Remix – Aaron Isles

Hey Everyone,

If you haven’t seen the original AWESOME ad by Old Spice with the even more awesome Terry Crews you should check it out with this link to see it on Vimeo and play along!

I decided to challenge myself and remix it using ONLY the samples given. No extra synthesizers, no extra drum kits, ONLY the samples from the video were used! I cut them all together, edited them down and put them all in Ableton Live where I worked some magic to make the track you are about to hear!

Also, check out the mp3 on Soundcloud or download it if you like the track enough 🙂

If you want to get a copy of the Ableton Live session with all the files in Simpler and for your own remix let me know! If I get enough responses I’ll post them up here for download! They asked for remixes, let’s give them some 🙂


Aaron Isles
Soundcloud Music –

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Aug 29

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