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How To Use The Controls Of The GoogDoodle – #Moogdoodl Synth

Trouble making sense of the Google Doodle Synthesizer on YOU’VE FOUND the right post! HERE ARE PICTURES AND VIDEOS of how to control the Google Doodle posted on Google today!


Google posted an AWESOME little synth today on it’s main search page. It’s the latest Google Doodle called the #Moogdoodl in honor of the late and great Bob Moog (FYI, Pronounced the MO in motion, not moo in cow). I took some time to map out the controls of it for anyone who wants to play around with it.

Here is a picture of all of the mapped out controls! Just look up the number from the picture in the list and it will tell you exactly what the controls do. Except for 26 and 27…. Not 100% sure what they’re doing, but sounds Ring Mod/FM like to me 🙂

Questions? Comments? Please leave them here for me.

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May 23